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WARNING This API is available starting from 2020.3 and currently in development and thus in experimental state.

The Go to Declaration or Usages action is performed in several steps.

Direct Navigation

Direct navigation is the navigation from PsiElement to another PsiElement, such as navigation from break keyword to the end of a loop in Java, without showing any popups.

To provide PsiElement for direct navigation, implement and register DirectNavigationProvider.

Symbol Navigation

If there is no Direct navigation available under the caret, then the Consulo proceeds with Symbol navigation. In this step the Consulo computes the navigation targets based on target symbols, which it obtains by resolving a reference. If there are several target symbols or several navigation targets defined for a symbol, then the IDE shows the navigation popup to ask the user to choose where to go.

The NavigationTarget is essentially a pair of a Navigatable and a TargetPopupPresentation instances (where to go and what to show in the popup).

To provide navigation targets by a Symbol, either: - implement and register SymbolNavigationProvider; - or implement NavigatableSymbol in the Symbol.

Showing Usages

If there are no navigation targets available, then the Consulo starts finding usages of the target symbol obtained by resolving a reference or from a declaration.