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Migration from Consulo to Consulo

Platform changes

  • Plugins removed from platform. They plugin ids:
    • Java > (and removed his old id, )
    • Xml > com.intellij.xml
    • RegExp > com.intellij.regexp
    • Images > com.intellij.images
  • Added plugin named Platform: base have id com.intellij. It holder for all extensions/actions/extensionPoints for platform
  • IDEA build number != Consulo build number.
  • Now some Consulo plugins ids is not working anymore
    • com.intellij.modules.lang > not need to write. It will throw 'plugin not found'
    • com.intellij.modules.platform > not need to write. It will throw 'plugin not found'
    • com.intellij.modules.vcs > not need to write. It will throw 'plugin not found'
    • com.intellij.modules.xdebugger > not need to write. It will throw 'plugin not found'
    • com.intellij.modules.ultimate > obsolete (we don't have Ultimate version)
    • com.intellij.modules.ruby > obsolete. Use consulo.ruby. See plugin repo
    • com.intellij.modules.python > obsolete. Use consulo.python. See plugin repo
    • com.intellij.modules.objc > obsolete (we don't have ObjC implementation)

API changes

  • Parsing API changes:
    • language version api.
      • ParserDefinition#createLexer(Project) -> ParserDefinition#createLexer(LanguageVersion)
      • ParserDefinition#createParser(Project) -> ParserDefinition#createParser(LanguageVersion)
      • ParserDefinition#getWhitespaceTokens() -> ParserDefinition#createParser(LanguageVersion)
      • ParserDefinition#getCommentTokens() -> ParserDefinition#getCommentTokens(LanguageVersion)
      • ParserDefinition#getStringLiteralElements() -> ParserDefinition#getStringLiteralElements(LanguageVersion)
  • Injections
    • com.intellij.lang.injection.MultiHostInjector changes:
      • getLanguagesToInject renamed to injectLanguages
      • elementsToInjectIn removed
      • Declaration changed from <multiHostInjector implementation="org.intellij.plugins.intelliLang.inject.xml.XmlLanguageInjector"/> to <multiHostInjector forClass="com.intellij.psi.xml.XmlAttributeValue" implementationClass="org.intellij.plugins.intelliLang.inject.xml.XmlLanguageInjector"/> Attribute forClass is value of elementsToInjectIn method
  • Module Facets & Module Types was replaced by Module Extensions
  • JPS support was dropped, that why external build is not supported for now
  • com.intellij.openapi.module.Module.getModuleFilePath dropped due, Consulo dont have module files, all info stored in .consulo dir. Use com.intellij.openapi.module.Module#getModuleDirPath for it
  • .impl & .ipr files are not supported anymore. Now all module info stored in .consulo dir